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New Wireless : beginning in 2012

The Network Engineering Wireless Team
is embarking upon a new era in wireless networking on campus.

That's right, starting in 2012 SIU will be getting a Wireless Face-Lift!

SIU IT will be implementing a new wireless system using the name of "SIU-indoor". This new SSID (wireless name) will be showing up as early as the Spring semester. Some of the first places to see it will be the College of Business, Morris Library, and the Rec Center.

Not all locations will be eligible for this new system. It requires certain networking hardware and in most places this hardware needs replaced which takes additional funding by the department or college requesting the upgrade.

In addition to the "SIU-indoor" wireless name, there will also be a "SIU-indoor-Instructions", which will link back to the webpage.

Check back frequently as this website will also list the progress of new buildings upcoming, as well as completed buildings.

Information about the new system :
  • VPN is no longer a requirement
  • Devices that support 802.1x/Enterprise will be able to use this system
  • Users will still be required to authenticate before they are granted any network access
  • Wireless traffic will still be encrypted from the client to the wireless access point

In addition, the SIU IT Wireless team has....

  • Negotiated a never before seen low cost for a wireless access point
  • Can expand, replace, or add to any existing campus wireless at a never before seen speed from start of project to completion of project
  • Designed the new wireless based on the success of the recent RezNet wireless installation, which was live as of the Fall semester of 2011
Click here to view the new SIU Indoor instructions.

If you would like to explore the costs of changing the wireless in your area(s) of campus, please contact us at

For more information or help please contact the Computer Support Center at (618) 453-5155.